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Liam Rodgers – PLAYGIRL Scensters

Published by Playgirl on April 28th, 2008

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Liam is here modeling for Playgirl because he’s into “fantasy scenarios that replace the banality of the real world.”    In other words, he makes his living stocking shelves at Whole Foods.

Before Liam takes his clothes off he’s got to sign his contract. He’s reading the fine-print very, very carefully. “I’m just making sure I’m not agreeing to castration.”      

Oh honey, we would never allow that! Liam’s got a hot cock, low hangers and a zero percent body fat which he attributes to “high productivity”—so there must be a lot of big loads to handled in the stockroom.      

See oh-so-much more of Liam on  

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Cory Koons – Interview

Published by Playgirl on April 25th, 2008

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Cory Koons – PLAYGIRL Solo Model of the Week – 4/21/08

Published by Playgirl on April 23rd, 2008

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Our ethnic hottie Corey is a former conceptual artist, always willing to evolve into something new as an artist. His best asset, he admits, are his smoky hot eyes. We’d have to agree. He forgot to mention what others know: Corey’s got an ass of Teflon.


When asked how he came to be an illustrious PLAYGIRL model, he explains: “Anytime someone needs a naked man in a compromising position, they call me.”


Corey’s been naked on film before, many times. When asked about his most outrageous experience in the world of gay porn, he says it was the time he was a fetish video he had sex with a man dressed up in a giant plush-toy bear suit.


Here at PLAYGIRL, the only suit Corey needs is the one he was born with.


Brooding hot Corey projects nothing but raw sex in our exclusive video online at  

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Damon DeMarco Interview

Published by Playgirl on April 16th, 2008

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Mikey Likes It – PLAYGIRL Solo Model of the Week – 4/14/08

Published by Playgirl on April 14th, 2008

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Mikey is from LA, and works in New York City as a famed DJ. He didn’t know he was going to be here until hours before. He got the Playgirl gig last minute–so, after DJing all night, he also didn’t get much sleep.


Still, he’s thrilled to be modeling now for Playgirl. Especially because the last time he was paid to be naked was when he worked as a tickle-model. For that gig, Mikey was strapped to a massage table and tickled manually. Later, they taunted his tied-up body with tools from ostrich feathers to an electric toothbrush.


After all that tickle nonsense, Mikey’s grateful. Playgirl will be a cakewalk.


He says used to be quite the party-boy, but no longer. “I don’t drink anymore.” When I ask about the cocktail he’s slurping down, Mikey flashes his winning smile. “I’m just drinking this one to get going,” he says.


And get going he does.


Check him out on 


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Damon DeMarco Playgirl Solo Model of the Week 4/7/08

Published by Playgirl on April 7th, 2008

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“What are you in real life?” I ask Damon. “FTM,” he laughs. “A female to male transsexual.” Obviously we’ve got a comedian on set–a monster cock like his would take a lifetime of skin grafting.


Damon and his raging hard-on are seasoned pros at getting naked on film. When I ask how he knows his buddy, Blu Kennedy (see above) he says “We hooked up.”


Blu is incredulous. “We never hooked up,” he says, “We had sex.”


What’s the difference? Is there a difference? Damon admits there is: they met having sex on a porn set.


On the Playgirl set, Damon’s comfort shows through–explicitly. He didn’t even require the help of our willing fluffer.


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Blu Kennedy Interview

Published by Playgirl on April 4th, 2008

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Blu Kennedy Playgirl Solo Model Week 4/1/08

Published by Playgirl on April 3rd, 2008

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Blue is a red-hot red-head 24 year old who hails from Kansas. I’m shocked to see he’s downing pink-frosted donuts just before stripping naked. He says it doesn’t matter…and by the looks of his ripped body, he can eat anything he wants.

 And his color is all natural. Check out these pubes on fire:



During his masturbation session with Playgirl, a colored gel fell off one of the lights just as Blue was about to climax. After fixing the light, he soldiered on to completion. Watch Blue come on hard and finish strong—

Here on 

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Six Naked Men

Published by Playgirl on April 2nd, 2008

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There’s so much to learn on a Playgirl photo shoot.

As six male models arrive to the Manhattan set,  the director  asks each of them to kindly remove their socks and underwear—so there won’t be any elastic imprints on their skin. They happily oblige.




Today will begin with individual nude photo shoots of each models, before we advance to their solo jerk-off sessions. During the jerk-off, the director sometimes has the models shoot their load first, and then simulate a jerk off—because he likes to get a climax right away.


Ahh, something we can all agree on.


The Director is looking forward to today’s shoot. He loves directing naked men because telling them what to do…and when to do…it is a power trip. He also wishes he had a scratch and sniff camera, so the Playgirl audience could smell what’s on set: the manly odor of crotches and armpits.


The Director is from Scotland where, he mentions, they eat a popular dish called haggis—and just what exactly is haggis? “It’s a big round meaty sausage,” he answers. Apt, for our Playgirl photo shoot.


He goes on to say that they now make a vegetarian version of haggis. “I like to call that the VAGIS,” he jokes, and one of the models wonders: can he fuck a vagis? The boys are getting horny. Another model says he’s heard you can simulate sex with a honeydew melon. Apparently, you just toss a honeydew in the oven for five minutes (to warm it up), cut open a hole, and fuck it. I suppose that would make it a honey-do.

Clearly, sexual tension is running high.




The boys strip naked, in preparation. Soon they’ll be posing and pumping for the camera.

You can see them live, in action on  

Check back with us every week in April to see our hot naked NYC scensters get down and dirty.



Published by Playgirl on April 1st, 2008

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We love men…and you love Playgirl!  Welcome to the launch of the official on-set blog.  Get all the steamy behind-the-scenes action as our sexy male models bare it all for photo shoots and masturbation videos.  Come here first to find out a bit about each of the boys– what gets them off, what turns them on, and how they measure up—as they strip and show us what they’re made of!  

Check back often to follow the crazy adventures of Daniel Nardicio and the  PLAYGIRL crew as they travel across the country in search of the hottest hunks. Plus get a sneak peek of all the hot naked hunks over at

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