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Published by admin on November 25th, 2015

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PLAYGIRL hits the Road

Published by Playgirl on May 9th, 2008

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atlanticcity_ak.jpg hits the road with Daniel Nardicio on his Great Atlantic City Road Trip to party at Atlantic City’s last real gay bar, The West Side.   


The second installment to “Nardicio’s Great Gay American Roadtrip” will include orginal series cast members Drag Momma Sweetie and Bianca del Rio.   Also joining bus will be singer Adam Joseph,  Aaron Elvis, porn star Victor Steele and a bevy of models.


Click here for more info.   


Spiderman Speaks

Published by Playgirl on May 8th, 2008

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This guy is super comfortable in his own skin. He immediately broke the ice in the room, putting everyone at ease with his lurid bedroom tales. One girl, he said, didn’t want him to get her off. She was nervous because at orgasm she’s a “squirter.” Why would that make her nervous? “Well,” laughs Blake, “Because she could put out birthday candles.”


Blake says most women he dates love the idea of him doing nude modeling, but once the fantasy becomes a reality, they get freaked out. Perhaps it’s the spotlight his built body keeps stealing?


Celebrate with Blake:  

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Blake – PLAYGIRL Solo Model – Week 5/5/08

Published by Playgirl on May 7th, 2008

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Blake is the big daddy of the group.


He’s been a stripper in Denver for years. For men, women, and anyone else. Before we begin his first three-man circle-jerk, he’s furiously applying cover-up to a huge welt on his left thigh.


“I got bit by a spider lastnight,” he laughs. Some spider. Blake’s spiderbite is almost bigger than his massive pectorals. We immediately give him the nickname “Spiderbite.”


Blake is a bodybuilder and at the age of 30, he’s the oldest of the group. He’s a joker, always telling the other guys about newfangled sexual positions. Like when he puts his balls over a woman’s eyes, inserting his dick in their mouth. This maneuver he refers to as the “German Snorkel.” Why German? We’ll never know.


For Blake’s snorkel, hit

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Rocky Mountain High

Published by Playgirl on May 6th, 2008

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Daniel Nardicio, Jesse Archer  and the PLAYGIRL gang took off  to Denver, Colorado to see what hot guys they could find.  


Stay tuned for more on their crazy antics and check out to see the exclusive jerk off scenes from their trip.



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Sammie Interview

Published by Playgirl on May 5th, 2008

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Sammy – PLAYGIRL Scensters Issue

Published by Playgirl on May 1st, 2008

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Sammy hails from Alabama, and works by day as a computer programmer. 


At night, he moonlights as a NYC go-go boy who goes by the name of “Chad.” 


“Why Chad?” we ask, and he adds: “At first I considered Rainbow Brite, or Skeletor as my go-go identity.”   


Ok, we see how he settled on plain old Chad.  


On the go-go box, Sammy says his favorite thing is to tea-bagging patrons with his legendary ball sack. “I’m up on the box, and people’s heads are right there (at ballsack level),” he says. “What am I supposed to do?   


Overhearing this, Danny chimes in. “As long as I have a forehead, you’ll have a place to rest your balls.” How considerate! 


In his solo scene, Sammy’s 9-inches gush like Niagra.  Watch him explode here  

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Liam Rodgers – PLAYGIRL Scensters

Published by Playgirl on April 28th, 2008

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Liam is here modeling for Playgirl because he’s into “fantasy scenarios that replace the banality of the real world.”    In other words, he makes his living stocking shelves at Whole Foods.

Before Liam takes his clothes off he’s got to sign his contract. He’s reading the fine-print very, very carefully. “I’m just making sure I’m not agreeing to castration.”      

Oh honey, we would never allow that! Liam’s got a hot cock, low hangers and a zero percent body fat which he attributes to “high productivity”—so there must be a lot of big loads to handled in the stockroom.      

See oh-so-much more of Liam on  

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Cory Koons – Interview

Published by Playgirl on April 25th, 2008

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Cory Koons – PLAYGIRL Solo Model of the Week – 4/21/08

Published by Playgirl on April 23rd, 2008

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Our ethnic hottie Corey is a former conceptual artist, always willing to evolve into something new as an artist. His best asset, he admits, are his smoky hot eyes. We’d have to agree. He forgot to mention what others know: Corey’s got an ass of Teflon.


When asked how he came to be an illustrious PLAYGIRL model, he explains: “Anytime someone needs a naked man in a compromising position, they call me.”


Corey’s been naked on film before, many times. When asked about his most outrageous experience in the world of gay porn, he says it was the time he was a fetish video he had sex with a man dressed up in a giant plush-toy bear suit.


Here at PLAYGIRL, the only suit Corey needs is the one he was born with.


Brooding hot Corey projects nothing but raw sex in our exclusive video online at  

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Damon DeMarco Interview

Published by Playgirl on April 16th, 2008

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